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Business Process Management and Automation

Dedicated Billing Operations

The complicated world of creating invoices for freight hauled by dedicated fleets just became simpler. McLeod’s new Dedicated Billing module is designed to automate many of the labor-intensive tasks that carriers face. This software tool is highly configurable, so that it can accommodate the requirements most commonly found in dedicated customer contracts. Learn more

DocumentPower Enterprise

For over 17 years now, McLeod Software has helped our customers automate and manage their business processes in ways that drive out non-value-added activities.

We have done this by combining proven tools such as workflow automation, business rules, document management, imaging, communication management, escalation management, and software application integration in ways that help our customers put common sense automation in place for their most important business processes. The results our customers have achieved with these investments are stunning.

  • Reduced labor work hours for business processes by up to 70%
  • Reduced DSO by as much as 10 days
  • Reduced audit and review cycle times by as much as 95%
  • Eliminated up to 95% of the time spent assembling and handling documents
  • Eliminated 99.9% of billing and processing errors

Learn how our DocumentPower Enterprise solution works.

McLeod’s FlowLogix, our recently released workflow and business process automation (BPA) tool, offers powerful support for growth and overall business success. Carriers, brokers, and 3PLs who want to reach the top of their game cannot afford to ignore the efficiency gains that come from this software.

FlowLogix is a module that works with both LoadMaster and PowerBroker, and it features capabilities that build upon the imaging and rendition billing functionality that comes with DocumentPower. By combining a paper-driven workflow engine and a business-process-automation engine in one product, FlowLogix enables new advances in business efficiency. Learn more

Logix eForms

McLeod  Logix eForms is a complete solution for transforming paper contract processes into electronic workflows and eliminating the paper handling, manual signing, and mountains of faxes that complicate high volume inter-company transactions. Logix eForms can be used for Rate Confirmations, Carrier Onboarding, Rate Quotes, hiring documents, yard inspection reports, customer surveys and many other paper processes. Logix eForms is a big hit with our customers because it cuts the timeframe and reduces the labor involved in: sending eForms, managing sent eForms and receiving eForms. Learn more

Pricing and Bid Management

McLeod’s new Pricing and Bid Management module gives you a powerful Workbench tool that helps reduce the burden of work required by  RFPs, while also ensuring that your bid numbers are on the money. Learn more

Telephone System Integration

This new module for LoadMaster and PowerBroker creates an interactive interface with digital office telephone systems.
Learn more