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Automated Driver Detention

With the onset of even tighter hours-of-service rules, driver detention for loading and unloading will continue to become a more important issue for truckers. In real-time, the LoadMaster Automated Driver Detention module notifies you of potential detention problems. Learn more

Driver Feasibility

Dispatching can be a risky business. You want to match a load with a driver, but do you have the right driver? There are a lot of factors that come into play. Driver Feasibility is the new feature in  LoadMaster that helps you manage these factors easily and quickly. Learn more

Driver Scorecard

The Driver Scorecard module offers carriers a complete system to measure, score and report driver performance; it is a tool to aid in monitoring and reviewing each driver’s historical performance improvement. Learn more

EDI Solutions

Our application software has the strongest EDI component in the industry. Our EDI solutions were developed from the ground up as a native part of our products. We also offer the full array of services to help our customers succeed. Learn more


Improved MPG is at the top of every carrier’s operational goals, along with outstanding customer service. The LoadMaster ETA/Out-of-Route module gives you the ability to identify the loads or customers that might have a potential service failure due to a late arrival or to out-of-route miles. Learn more


McLeod Software’s FuelMizer, powered by ProMiles®, is a proven and affordable fuel optimization solution for proactively managing your fueling costs along each prescribed dispatch route. Minimize the daily cost of fuel purchased for each and every tuck in your fleet. Learn more


HirePower fleet management software helps you recruit qualified drivers and reduces hiring times by automating the recruiting, screening, interviewing, and hiring process. HirePower also helps trucking companies work towards improved CSA compliance. Learn more

Lane Analysis

The Lane Analysis application within LoadMaster gives you the ability to look at your freight by lane, based on geographic zones. Define and view your rates, empty miles, total miles, revenue miles, loaded miles, billed miles, and movement miles by lane over any time period you choose. Learn more

McLeod IQ

We developed McLeod IQ to provide insight into key indicators that are important to your business. With IQ Solutions, you have the ability to access and analyze LoadMaster, PowerBroker and 3rd Party data simply using Microsoft Excel, or with a wide variety of popular reporting tools. Learn more

Private Notification Network

McLeod Software's Private Notification Network (PNN) provides automated posting of available orders and tractors to preferred partners based on a set of predetermined profiles established by you. This allows you to automate the process of sending information on available orders or loads to selected carriers via email or fax as needed. Learn more

Profitability Analysis

Profitability Analysis is the tool our customers use to understand every aspect of their operations when it comes down to what is making them money and what is not. Freight is not bound by accounting periods and neither should your analysis of profit and loss. Profitability Analysis, like our other major reporting products, gives McLeod customers the ability to see what is happening at a high level and then quickly drill down into the details to identify and understand root causes. Learn more

Rapid Alert Notification System (RANS)

RANS empowers your business to address potential issues as they happen, so you can take action before any issue becomes a major problem. Taking the form of a message window alert, e-mail message or custom audible notification, RANS sends an alert to relevant parties based on your defined exceptions detected throughout the LoadMaster Enterprise or PowerBroker system. Learn more

Vital Signs

McLeod’s Vital Signs reporting system is the most powerful real-time Key Performance Indicator (KPI) system the trucking and brokerage industry has ever seen. Vital Signs information is not a historical look backward presented in timeframes that are too late to act on. Vital Signs provides up-to-the-minute information that you can use during the business day to understand how you are tracking against your goals right now. Learn more