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McLeod Anywhere

McLeod Anywhere, our newest version of Mobile Applications for Android and iOS devices makes staying in control of your business possible wherever you are. In general, our functions for mobile devices replicate a function or system task that is readily available in your LoadMaster or PowerBroker system.

Delivering What You Need to Know - Anywhere, Anytime

The new McLeod Smart Phone application gives you up-to-the-minute access for orders, stops, customers, contacts, movements, drivers, tractors, trailers, and carriers.

  • Look up customer information on the fly, including balances, order status, even directions to their location.
  • Check on the status of dispatched orders and view up-to-the-minute status with details.
  • Track the progress of individual movements within a dispatched order and view the status of every stop.
  • You can also view delivery receipts and send load confirmations.
  • Look up drivers and view all of the important details in their driver file, as well as their current and planned assignments.
  • Check on the status of each tractor or trailer, the details about the unit, its current assignment, location, who dispatched it, and which driver has it.
  • View carrier driver information on brokered movements, so you can quickly call for status updates.
  • Access detailed information about your existing carriers.
  • Fully manage the order lifecycle from preassigning equipment to actual dispatch to setting driver/carrier pay.

Get the Most Important Alerts

For those companies who have implemented McLeod’s Rapid Alert Notification System (RANS) to detect important events and notify the right people, these rapid alert messages, complete with their normal detail, can now be pushed directly to the McLeod Anywhere application. The RANS messages can be pushed to the phone even when the application is not running. Users can view a list of unconfirmed messages, then read and confirm each message, or confirm a group of messages from the phone application.

Communicate with Your Drivers

The applications now give companies who have implemented mobile communications with the McLeod Symphony™ Mobile Communications solution the ability to read and send messages through the LoadMaster system from the mobile phone. From the device, you can retrieve, view, confirm, compose, forward, or reply to messages and your drivers via their mobile comm system.

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