Freight Management Solutions

Load Optimization

Shipping large amounts of freight can bring all sorts of challenges. There are issues with order quantities, pick-up and delivery times, location schedules, docks, routes, driver-hours, and more. You may need to use LTL carriers or continuous-move runs. The various issues involved in a single shipment can quickly become quite complex.

This is where the FMS Load Optimization tool can help make the job of building loads much easier. You set the parameters based on your business needs, provide the system with your order data, and let the Load Optimization tool make the appropriate calculations automatically.  In just a few minutes you have a list of potential optimized loads awaiting your approval. The Load Optimization tool makes it possible to compare direct moves, continuous moves, cross-docked moves and pool point consolidation. You can run “what if” scenarios to see which solutions are the best fit for your network. This ensures that you will maximize the efficiency and savings of your load execution.

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