3PL Freight Logistics Software

McLeod has assembled the most comprehensive trucking and transportation management software solution available for 3rd Party Logistics Providers. 

 Freight Management Solutions
Your company spends millions of dollars on shipping every year, and you know there has to be a better way to manage it.

McLeod Software’s Freight Management Solutions (FMS) is the solution.

This TMS will devise a shipping plan that promises to cut your shipping costs by 10% annually, but that’s only the start. You’ll save additional money by optimizing your mode selection for all of your shipping orders and automating your load execution process. On top of this, McLeod FMS ensures that your targeted savings are realized. The system allows you to track your actual load tendering history against the system’s optimal plan so that your projected savings translate into concrete savings on your bottom line.

  • Gain the ability to align your network with the networks of carriers.
  • Find the optimal delivery mode for each and every order.
  • Empower your staff to do more by automating the load execution process.

The combined result can be annual cost savings of 10-20%.

With McLeod FMS you get a comprehensive solution that attacks waste from all sides. The system brings you software tools for Bid Procurement, LTL/TL Mode Optimization, and Load Execution that work together to ensure that you’re managing your freight in the most efficient and effective ways possible. Learn more about McLeod Software's FMS.

McLeod Software's PowerBroker Trucking Software is the most advanced enterprise-wide software solution available for trucking brokerage companies and 3rd party logistics providers. PowerBroker offers a fully integrated end-to-end brokerage operations management system and a complete native accounting software solution, all in one package from one company.

PowerBroker software sets an entirely new standard for ease of use and flexibility that no other freight brokerage solution can match. This ease of use translates into the ability to do more, to do it faster, and to make everyone working in your brokerage operation more productive.

The PowerBroker system begins with a strong core of functionality that almost every brokerage company needs, with the ability to add additional modules for PowerBroker and over 28 mature and fully tested off the shelf integration products for other important brokerage industry solutions. Learn more about how your business can benefit from PowerBroker.

DocumentPower Enterprise
McLeod Software's DocumentPower Transportation Management & Logistics Software is the most advanced trucking software solution available for document imaging, document management, workflow, and business process automation.

DocumentPower moves your business beyond the inefficiency and high cost of shuffling paper documents. With DocumentPower, all those paper mounds and files disappear. Sell your metal file cabinets and stop paying for expensive document storage. DocumentPower allows your business to simply scan your paper documents and store them as electronic images. Whenever you need a document, you can retrieve and view it on your desktop by searching and accessing a virtual file cabinet.

Simply distribute any document image via fax, email or printer through DocumentPower Transportation Management without leaving your desk! Save the cost of making and distributing all those copies, too!

This is just the beginning of what DocumentPower offers transportation companies. The real value that hundreds of McLeod customers have realized with DocumentPower comes from their ability to automate simple and routine business processes in ways that save thousands of non-value added work hours each year. Find out how your business can benefit from DocumentPower.

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