McLeod Software


Enhanced Performance Through Easy Access to Accurate, Real-Time Data on Loads

Greenbush Logistics Uses McLeod's ETA/Out-Of-Route Module to Boost Productivity and Reduce Costs.

"At Greenbush Logistics, we’ve found that technology is essential for achieving the positive results we seek, yet we also know that you can’t simply install some software, push a button, and expect everything to change instantly. The technology must be used to enable intelligent processes and support hardworking people.

McLeod Software’s products play that role for us. We use their LoadMaster™ dispatch system and the ETA/Out-of-Route (OOR) module to empower our staff and facilitate our processes. McLeod’s software tools accomplish this by delivering a wide array of data in real-time that is accurate and easily accessible. The ETA/OOR module in particular has provided a significant boost for Greenbush. We’ve reduced OOR miles, increased asset utilization, and improved on-time performance. We’re saving money, achieving more with the same number of staff, and communicating more effectively, both internally and with our customers."
-Larry Barnes, Director of Operations

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