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Effective Employee Management

Posted by Jonathan May 05/13/2016

By Joel McGinley, Managing Partner of TranStrategy Partners

Effective employee management is essential to achieving your business goals. Here are your employee management absolute musts:

  • Ensure that all of your employees are functioning at a level that will take you where you want to go.

To do this you need to assess what they are capable of - the qualities they bring to the table, whether they have the skills and knowledge your business needs, and whether you have the right people in the right jobs. Making this assessment is analogous to being a football coach and determining whether a particular player can play a certain position and/or what it might take for him to be able to play it. As a result of your assessments, you may decide that you need to provide certain employees with training, move other employees into different jobs, or even get rid of certain employees.

  • Get your employees the training they need to deliver consistently high levels of performance. 

If they don't know how to do what they should be doing, they are not goingto raise their hands and tell you. They will fake it instead and do the best they can, which will create your business, it's your responsibility to provide your employees with the information and skills they need to accomplish their jobs. Since I began my career, I've visited more than 500 different brokerage operations across the US, and by and large I've found that they were doing a consistently bad job of employee training. Consider Brokertrain as an exceptional freight broker training program. The online platform gives personnel the knowledge and skills they need to become effective members of a powerful team.

  • Have a compensation structure in place that will help you achieve your goals.

 Make sure that your compensation plan and your business goals are in sync - the plan should help move your business toward those goals. For example, if you want high margins, base your employee bonuses on achieving those margins, and if you want to increase your company's load count, then your compensation plan should reward for increases. People will do what will earn them the most money, so make sure that everyone in your business understands your goals and what they can do to help achieve them.

  • Establish clear expectations for your employees.

As entrepreneurs with high expectations for ourselves, we assume that everyone else has the same expectations for themselves. But that's not the case. Therefore, if you want your employees to achieve a high level of performance, you must let them know what you expect from them and you must do that on an ongoing basis, even once your employees are operating at the level you've set for them. You risk that they will become complacent and slip backwards otherwise.