Drive the Value of Your Mobile Communications Investment with Intelligent Integration

E.W. Wylie Boosts Efficiency, Improves Driver Performance, and Elevates Customer Service through the Integration of their Mobile Communications with LoadMaster.

E.W. Wylie Case Study - McLeod Software"The mobile comm units in the tractors collect data about the progress of each load, the truck’s position, the driver’s hours of service (HOS) through electronic on-board recorders (EOBRs), and individual driving patterns through integration with the engine buss. In addition to collecting all of this highly valuable data, our mobile comm system facilitates driver-dispatch communication. We’re closely connected to every rig out there on the road.

The information generated by the mobile comm system can be used to improve dispatch efficiency, driver performance, customer service, and safety, but as we began adopting this technology, we encountered one major hurdle. All of this data resided in our mobile comm system, which was not integrated with our dispatch software, McLeod’s LoadMaster Enterprise. Although data could be transferred by entering it into LoadMaster manually, that method was labor-intensive and vulnerable to errors. Even with the best efforts of our personnel using manual data entry, we couldn’t transfer the full range of mobile comm data to LoadMaster.

Our solution was to automate the data transfer by employing McLeod’s Symphony Mobile Communications module. The Symphony module integrates our mobile comm system with LoadMaster, which makes it possible to put our mobile comm data to full use. The capabilities and business value we’ve gained through integration is beyond what we could achieve from either system by itself. It’s truly a case of 1+1=3."

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