McLeod Software


Did You Know How Fast McLeod Software is Growing?


Some insights from VP of Human Resources, Sheila Storch, and CFO, Kasey Burleson

I've been hearing a lot of talk recently about McLeod's company growth. Can you tell me about that?

Sheila:  It’s an exciting time at McLeod Software. Since 2010, the company has grown rapidly; by July of this year, we were over 375 employees and on our way to over 400 total employees by the end of this year. Over the last five years, we have hired approximately 250 additional people to help support our customers and their business needs. 

Kasey: McLeod has experienced substantial growth since 2010 from investing in all areas of its business.

What is the driving force behind such explosive growth over the last five years?

Sheila:  Our market share has grown dramatically. While growing our share of customers in the midmarket segment of our industry, we have also had a breakthrough with our enterprise accounts business, serving the largest carriers and logistics companies in our industry.  

Kasey:  McLeod has invested heavily in product development throughout its history. Those investments have created significant customer and revenue growth that have allowed McLeod to continue to invest even more aggressively in product development and in its services operations.  Investments in LTL development have led to much of the recent growth.

Are there certain areas of the company that have experienced more employee growth than others?  What can we expect to see from that growth?

Sheila:  We’ve continued making strategic investments in both product development and customer service operations. To that end, we’ve spent considerable time hiring the best developers, project managers, customer trainers, and account managers who come from the industry. We are working hard during this period of growth to ensure that our current and prospective customers continue to receive the best service and support they have come to know and expect from McLeod.  

Kasey:  McLeod’s product and services teams have grown the most.  We have seen the most recent growth in our specialized services and in our LTL services.

I read a lot about the challenges many companies are having to recruit and retain top talent in the industry. How has that impacted McLeod’s ability to grow?

Sheila:  Like many companies across the country, we are not immune to the effects of the labor shortage in the high tech sector. However, where we are unique, is that we have been very fortunate to be able to recruit and retain some of the brightest and most talented people in this industry – many of them from both employee and customer referrals.  Today, approximately one-third of all hiring comes through employee referrals.  Even more impressive, is that we’ve been able to retain close to 90% of our employees, over the long-term, even at our rapid rate of growth.

Kasey Burleson is the Chief Financial Officer for McLeod Software and is a Certified Public Accountant. He has been with McLeod Software for 8 years and is responsible for the company’s Accounting department.

Sheila Storch is the Vice President of Human Resources for McLeod Software. She joined McLeod Software in 2013 as an executive with a consistent record of delivering human resources (HR) solutions that increase sales and support corporate growth.