Dedicated Billing Operations

The complicated world of creating invoices for freight hauled by dedicated fleets just became simpler.

McLeod’s new Dedicated Billing module is designed to automate many of the labor-intensive tasks that carriers face. This software tool is highly configurable, so that it can accommodate the requirements most commonly found in dedicated customer contracts.

Save Time and Increase Accuracy with Functionality that Makes Billing Easier

  • Fixed-cost and order-based billing are integrated.
  • All allowable charges are included.
  • Charges can be consolidated.
  • Charges can be linked to effective dates.
  • Revenue-sharing information can be generated automatically.



Define All Dedicated Contract Requirements at the Customer Level

The LoadMaster customer screen includes several additions to support dedicated billing. In addition to summary and regular billing methods, a new Dedicated method is available. If a customer is set to Dedicated, a new Dedicated tab is added to the screen where the contract information can be configured.


The Dedicated Billing Module adds a separate dedicated billing screen with new features, including the ability to create a fixed charges invoice and allocate those charges among orders being billed. Dedicated bills are a new template in the LoadMaster Document Designer. As with our other billing methods, these templates can be configured differently for each dedicated customer. Both spreadsheet style and printed bill formats are supported.

Revenue Sharing

Often with dedicated customers, contracts call for a revenue sharing arrangement for outside orders. This is accomplished by marking the loaded movement to be shared with a dedicated order that will be credited for a percentage of the revenue for that revenue shared order. If the user provides different percentages based on a criteria (for example, company found versus customer provided backhauls), the user can define one or even two methods of revenue sharing and set the method appropriate for the revenue sharing order.

System settings can be configured to automatically prompt users for revenue sharing information during dispatch and preassignment. A revenue share audit screen is also provided to allow users to review a given set of data and ensure the matches are all correctly configured prior to transferring to billing.

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