Customer Branded Mobile Application for Drivers

The McLeod Customer Branded Mobile Application suite gives our customers the ability to brand their mobile applications and offer them to drivers, carriers, and customers in the App Store. These applications deliver valuable functionality through a secure connection to your McLeod system for the capabilities they provide.

The Driver App allows our LoadMaster Enterprise customers to support a wide array of capabilities on the mobile devices of their company drivers and owner/operators. Drivers can download the app for their phone or tablet for free, and begin to use it based on the secure ID and password you give them.

Viewing Settlements

The Driver App lets drivers and owner/operators view both their paid and unpaid settlements on their mobile device. Having this information with up-to-the minute accuracy available for each driver, over this secure connection to your LoadMaster system, gives your drivers the information they need to know about how much money has been paid and the details about how it has been earned. This saves lots of phone calls and emails with your settlements team in accounting.

Document Capture with Doc Type and Indexing

The built-in document capture feature of the Driver App lets the driver capture trip documents with the device’s camera, saving trips to fax machines or the expense of in-cab scanning equipment. Because of the integral nature of the McLeod Driver App and your McLeod DocumentPower Enterprise and LoadMaster Enterprise systems, the driver specifies document types as they are scanned, and they are recorded against the appropriate movement record. The system supports multiple pages for each document type as well. This means that in most cases you will save the time, expense, and labor currently required to manually doc type each image and index it against the appropriate load. Aside from all of those indexing expenses, trip documents will flow faster through your system to speed up the billing cycle. The Document Capture and indexing feature of the McLeod Driver App alone is enough to give you a quick return on investment by saving the indexing and doc typing expense while also shortening the days in your billing cycle and speeding the driver’s settlement.

Mobile Communications and Dispatch

The Driver App is designed to provide the most important capabilities of your Symphony Mobile Communications System in LoadMaster when the driver is out of the cab. Drivers can view and respond to mobile communications messages, interact with forms, and send free form messages via the App on their device when they are away from the in-cab system.

If you employ location codes for the moves you dispatch, drivers can see details about the current move, including directions, loading or unloading instructions for each stop. Complete route details for the current load are available in the Driver App based on the output from the route and mileage product you currently use for dispatch. Drivers can also view their dispatch pre-assignments for the next loads you plan and assign as they become available.

Motor Accident Reporting

One critical function our customers have asked for in this Driver App is integration with the LoadMaster Safety Module, and we delivered it. Drivers may report accidents and begin the record keeping process in LoadMaster from their mobile device. The Driver’s interaction creates a standard LoadMaster Safety Report, and gives the driver the ability to record photos, data, and the police report against that record directly from the Mobile App. You can create Rapid Alert Notification messages in your McLeod system that are triggered by the creation of this accident report to let the appropriate people know immediately when this happens.

Driver Recruiting and Applications

Prospective driver recruits can download your Driver App and complete the on-line application process using the Driver App. Of course they won’t have a user ID or password to login to your system, but by completing the on-line forms you configure in your driver application, they can use your mobile app to begin the process, and it will be immediately recorded as a prospective driver application in your LoadMaster system. Now you can take action and get in the race to
hire those drivers.

Get a Leg Up on the Competition Now!

You have probably heard and seen some of the largest companies in this industry taking steps to give their drivers similar apps for their mobile devices. Most of those companies have spent lots of money to develop the apps, integrate them with their dispatch and accounting systems, and deploy them for their drivers and owner operators. McLeod LoadMaster Enterprise customers don’t need to wait, or embark on a big expensive custom development project to get ahead of other companies and offer this competitive advantage when it comes to attracting and retaining the best drivers. It is available for McLeod customers now!

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