UC2018 Business Process & Industry Issue Sessions

Asset Management and Tax Strategies

An expert panel will discuss asset management and tax strategies, especially what has changed in 2018 because of changes in the law and the tax code.

Becoming a Data Driven Transportation Company

Using big data can drive big insight and change the way you run your company. In this session, several successful McLeod customers will share with you how analytics are changing the way they work and helping them to make better decisions.

Carriers, Understanding Daily and Hourly Trends and Acting on Your KPIs

Several carriers will explain how they use and react to their most important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on a daily basis.

Change Your Culture, Change Your Performance 

Learn about the importance of culture, and how it is created, managed, and maximized. In this session, we will incorporate beliefs systems and how they are impacting your company's performance right now. Learn ways to assess, then change, those beliefs to be in alignment with your goals. 

Continuous Improvement Programs, How to Make Them Work

Many transportation providers have achieved success in implementing the concept of Continuous Improvement in their organization. In this session you will get some ideas about how to start and learn what it takes to succeed.

How to Measure and Evaluate Employees

McLeod customer Jim Becker of Becker Logistics will share his approach to measuring and evaluating employees. Get some new ideas about ways to measure performance and motivate!

Logistics Companies, The Right Daily and Hourly KPIs for Your Organization

McLeod PowerBroker customers will explain how they use and react to their most important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on a daily basis.

Managing Risks: External Threats

A panel of IT security experts will discuss external threats, including cyber security, natural disasters, and how to put in place the protections to mitigate those threats.

Managing Risks: Internal Threats

Our panel of IT security and infrastructure experts will discuss causes of systems disruption, backup failure, system failure, how to educate employees, and best practices for Sys Admin and Disaster Recovery Planning.

Accounting for Leases

The new lease accounting standards may change your financials and future decisions. In this session, our panel of experts will discuss these major changes and their broad impact.

Mobile Communications Workflow

Mobile communications workflow offers carriers great potential value, but it is not always easy to get started. In this session, we will share some tips about how to get started and be effective in deploying it.

Recruiting and Retaining Drivers 

In this panel discussion, several carriers will share their ideas and best practices for recruiting and retaining the best drivers.

Using Incentive Compensation to Drive Growth and Balance Risk and Reward

Incentive compensation (variable pay) is common for sales reps and drivers, but many do not realize that it can be effectively used for other roles as well. This session will provide a basic understanding of the different types of incentive plans (commissions, goal-based bonuses, bounties, etc.) and the different considerations when setting up or changing your incentive plan, including how to determine the appropriate pay mix and the different ways salary can be used in conjunction with incentive pay. One size does not fit all, and it’s important to understand the pitfalls when making changes to what is probably one of your biggest budgetary line items. Beth Carroll is the author of “Taming the Compensation Monster” which can be found on Amazon.com.

Using Lane Analysis, Customer Analysis, and Profitability Analysis to Influence Your Strategic and Tactical Decisions

Are you serving the right customers? How do you know? Several McLeod customers will share how using Lane and Profitability Analysis drives their choices.

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