Learn From Your Peers in our Business Process Excellence Sessions

Every year a wide range of successful McLeod customers come to User Conference to share the best practices and lessons learned from their business. Expect to hear new ideas and different ways to succeed with things you are trying to accomplish, as well as other subjects you may be planning to tackle.

Please check back for breakout session titles.

Listening to the best in practice processes put into place will open your eyes to new things you can do with your own company.
– Anthony Ognissanti, Kirsch Transportation

“Gives you exposure to the opportunities you may not be leveraging from your TMS.”
– Tom Curee, Kingsgate Transportation

“Often we are caught up in the day to day operations of the business and we don't realize there may be a more efficient or different way to do something.”
– David Schmitz, Kingsgate Transportation S

The panel discussions with industry participants provided some of the best information I have received from any conference.
– David Fesperman, Swing Transport, Inc.


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