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Brokers Can Have More Control When Posting Loads


A Look at Overdrive Logistics' Use of McLeod's Private Notification Network

One of the vital strategies for brokers is to develop strong business relationships with a core group of carriers. You want to foster closer ties with those carriers that offer you the rates you need while providing consistently dependable service. McLeod has the perfect tool for doing just that—Private Notification Network (PNN).

PNN enables automated posting of available orders to preferred business partners. The appropriate load information goes out via e-mail or fax at the time you’ve set and to the carriers you’ve selected. These carrier partners can then respond immediately by e-mail, fax, phone, or through the web portal you have created for them to get the loads they want. Some brokers have dubbed PNN “the silent salesman,” because the tool extends their ability to cover loads during the course of the business day.

To get a glimpse of how PNN works in practice, look at how it’s used by Overdrive Logistics, a freight brokerage company that serves the continental U.S. and Canada. Overdrive offers transportation solutions for dry and refrigerated freight as well as expedited, overnight delivery (within 600 miles). They are experts in time-sensitive freight and can handle specialty loads. We spoke with Ashley Grosch, Overdrive’s operations manager.

Why use PNN instead of the standard load-board posting services available?
We were solicited by a company that was offering a load-board-posting service, but it was an outside service and we didn’t like the lack of control. PNN allows us to target certain carriers with specific loads.

How does that work?
In many cases, we want carriers to see only the lanes that are specific to them, because this is more efficient for us and for our carriers. It saves time for everyone. PNN allows us to control which loads each carrier sees, based on what their needs are. We can also control the number of times a day we update our load postings to these carriers—once a day, six times a day, or something in between.

Are there other ways that you use PNN to work more efficiently with your carriers?
Some carriers have multiple dispatchers and we can send different loads to different dispatchers at the same carrier. We can tailor the load listing so that each dispatcher sees only the loads that they want to see. If you’re handling loads going to the Northeast, you don’t need to see loads going to Texas.

How have your carriers responded?
They’re very happy. Let me tell you a story. After it’s set up, PNN functions automatically, so e-mails were still being generated one day when a member of our staff was out. Soon we get a call from a carrier who says, “Where’s Brian?” Upon hearing that Brian is out today, the carrier says, “But he’s got this El Paso to Philadelphia load that I see on the list he sends me. I want that load. I need that load. Please send it to me.” The carrier knew that this particular load existed because PNN notified him about it. Brian’s not even here, and he’s covering freight. That really is leveraging technology.