Freight Management Solutions

Bid Procurement

Many shippers attempt to devise methods aimed at getting carriers to give the lowest possible rates, but carriers can only go so low. What if you could help carriers reduce their costs so that they could pass on those costs savings to you? It can be done. McLeod Software has done it with the Bid Procurement tool, and that’s the first step to huge savings in your freight costs.

How It Works

The Bid Procurement tool within McLeod FMS aligns your company’s shipping needs with the lane preferences and capacity of your carriers and it does this in a way that accomplishes much more than simply forcing carriers to submit low-ball rates. By optimizing the freight procurement process, McLeod FMS can offer your carriers the best possible lanes for their business. This boosts efficiency for your carriers and saves them money, thus enabling them to offer you better rates than ever before. It’s a win-win solution. You get better rates and your carriers gain the opportunity to win freight awards that will enhance or complement their existing lanes and operations.

The Bid Procurement tool accomplishes this feat by gathering critical data from you and your carriers, and then using optimization algorithms to devise the best match between your network and the networks of all of your carriers.

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